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Day ride
11 March 2009
Next Day ride- Sunday 15.03.09

Ride to be announced.

Day rides start at the Crawl park in Alness at 10.00 unless otherwise stated.

Night ride
08 March 2009
  Next Night ride-  Tuesday 17.03.09

Night rides start at the Crawl park in Alness at 19.00 unless otherwise stated.

Definition of a night ride: Where lights are needed for the entire duration of the ride!

Scottish cyclocross
21 February 2009
Scottish Cyclocross- BBC2 Sunday 22.02.09

The Adventure show will be showing the final two rounds of the 2008 Scx from Glengorm castle on the Isle of Mull this Sunday evening on BBC2 Scotland at 18.05.

Trail THAWts
15 February 2009
I think i THAW a biker in the woods!

No sooner than the snow arrived it has started thawing rapidly leaving our trails in a wet muddy state.  Tog up with your best winter wear and mudguards and get out there to enjoy what is hopefully the last mudplugging of the winter.

sNOw Biking
12 February 2009
sNOw Biking much just now?

There will be little riding for the next wee while due to the amount of snow we are experiencing at the moment.  After a recce trip up Fyrish on foot on Thursday, the depth of snow varies from four to five inches to well over four feet in places where it has been drifting.  So dig out your turbo trainers, get down the gym,  book into spinning classes or get swimming to keep up your fitness until further notice!

Blairs bike
11 February 2009
Blair is selling his bike, as shown for £500, XL frame.  For more details see the For Sale page.

Merida Marathons
04 February 2009
Merida bikes Mtb Marathons 2009

For anyone contemplating doing any of the Merida Mtb Marathons or Gore bike wear Road sportives this year, online entries are now open.  And if you are feeling very fit online entries are also available for the 2009 Trans Wales.

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Cyclocross Worlds
27 January 2009
 Euro  Sport  Live  Sunday 1st February 14.00

EuroSport will be showing the Cyclocross Worlds, Live from Hoogerheide, Netherlands this Sunday at 14.00.

Sky ch- 410

Strathpuffer 09- Round up
19 January 2009
Strathpuffer 09- The story

A couple of the Fyrish bikes crew took on the 2009 Puffer at the weekend.  Both Alek and Ewan past veterans of the Puffer and not content with doing it in a team decided this year to take it on Solo.

Both started steady and paced themselves well although this proved to be quite difficult for Ewan to ride so canny. The first twelve hours of the race saw favourable conditions both from the heavens and the ground.

However with the fall of darkness things took a turn for the worse with the wind picking up and the rain falling heavily the course and riders started to show signs of wear.  As the night progressed the weather unleashed as predicted with snow and gale force winds.  Both riders found it hard to keep going and eventually at 2am Alek headed for a sleep with Ewan following shortly after.

Come daybreak the wind had dropped and with a few hours sleep and some breakfast inside them both riders took to the course again for a final few laps.  As the daylight came fully in the full story of the night was revealed with the course now a slippy wattery gloop.

Ewan and Alek finished the Puffer exhausted from their exertions, Ewan placed 6th completing 17 laps in 24:00:14 and Alek placed 11th with 14 laps in 24:08:49.  A fantastic effort from both in possibly one of the toughest Puffers yet.  Both riders would like to thank their support crew, particularly Jill Sharp for keeping them fuelled and also to Tic, Donald, Wim, Tom, Ross and not forgetting Ellie & Robbie who all popped by to give some words of encouragement.

Stop press
18 January 2009
Strathpuffer placings- Updated

In solo Ewan placed 6th with Alek 11th.

Red or dead(Cher & Iain) placed 2nd mixed & 9th overall in pairs.

Mad Ferret(Miles, Donnie, Stevie & Scotty) placed 26th in male fours.

Full results can be viewed by clicking on the external link.

External Link
Freesports on 4
15 January 2009
Freesports on 4- Sunday 18th Jan 08.25

This Sunday morning, Freesports on 4 will be showing the World championship winning Atherton family, following them through the highs and lows of a season on the World cup circuit.

Sky-  Channel 4- 104 or Channel 4+1- 135

Strathpuffer 2009
13 January 2009
Strathpuffer 2009

The final countdown is on for this weekends Strathpuffer 24 hour race, Ewan and Alek will be ploughing a lone furrow in the solos with other notable appearances from Cher and Iain in the pairs along with Miles, Donnie, Stevie & Scottie in the fours.  Reports from the course are that it is very muddy at the moment with mud in places that has never seen mud before!  Now to make the Puffer complete you need weather of epic proportions and the long range forecast is looking pretty grim.  So come and give the teams a lift during the weekend with your support and encouragement, every little bit of banter will help!

Good luck to all those taking part in this years Suffer.

31 December 2008
Happy New Year

Have a good 2009

Frosty daze
30 December 2008
Frosty rides- Any day.

Its really frosty out at the moment and if you do get out above the fog you will be rewarded with clear skies and dry crisp trails.  So wrap up and get out in to the hills.

Boxing Day Bash 2008- Report & Pics
26 December 2008
  Fyrish Boxing Day Bash 2008- Report & Pics

All the pictures from this years Bash can now be viewed by clicking on the external link.

Ninteen riders took to the trails today at the Fyrishbikes Boxing Day Bash.   The trails were in good condition for the time of year and we were treated to some fine weather on the ride.  Riders gathered at the Crawl for a 10.00 getaway, this was delayed for a wee bit by a good chunk of socializing.  The route took us through Alness woods on to the Boath road where we decided to avoid the masses on their annual pilgramage to the top of Fyrish by going up the back track.  A wee dram and fine home made cookies were provided by Swayndo at the top before we crashed our way down the landrover.  Safely off the hill the carnage ensued, Neil took a tumble, drawing blood on the most innocent of trails, then Muzz took the most spectacular tumble of the ride (behind the photographer) going down Fridge.

It was an uneventful return throught the woods back to the Crawl, thank goodness!

Thanks to all the riders who turned up for the ride and made it such a success, we all had a great ride :o)

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Merry Christmas
24 December 2008
Merry Christmas from all at

Boxing Day Bash 2008
19 December 2008

Strathpuffer 2009
19 December 2008
Strathpuffer 2009- 17.01.09

Less than one month to go until our riders take on the Strath"Suffer", training has been going well for Ewan who is out almost everyday in all conditions.  Aleks approach has been slightly different with him pounding the roads of Ross-Shire on Saturdays and a spot of bike handling with the Fyrish boys on Sundays.  No doubt the Christmas period will have an effect on the training schedule for Alek with him jetting off to sunnier climes, is that for some secret training?  Only time will tell!  One of the problems for riders on the Puffer is the length of darkness they face and Ewan is needing as much help with light burn time as possible, so if you have a Lumicycle battery pack that you can spare for 24 hours then get in touch.

Shortest Day
18 December 2008
Shortest day- Sunday 21.12.08

Yee ha,  Sunday sees the shortest daylight hours of 2008 so things can only start to get dryer and brighter from then on, if only!

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