Trail Conditions Most recent update 03.03.09

Snow again, hopefully only temporarily.

Fyrish & Novar

Last ridden 22.02.09- All trails are clear.

Jubilee:  Clear.

Backtrack: Wet & muddy in places.

Peat track:  Soft and muddy

Landrover:  Soft.

Scottish: Dry & fast, tree still down by sandy corner.

Berms:  Dry but soft.

Watch the corners: Muddy.

Big Burn:  Dry, riding good.

Creag Ruadh(ridges):  Wet with snow cover.

Peat Hags:  Wet with snow cover.

Cnoc Ceislein (red rd):  Snow cover.

Mdr:  Perfect.

Estate offices:  Good.

MotoX:  Dry.

Archery:  Dry, don't ask how but it is!

Tarmac road:  Clear.

Novar Windfarm

Last ridden: *******

Dalreoch(beats):  Snow cover.

Tighnacraig: Snow cover.

Meall an Tuirc(Stinger): Current condition unknown.

Windfarm M-way: Current condition unknown.

Windfarm Glass: Current condition unknown.

Windfarm Morie(819): Current condition unknown.

Bonsai: Current condition unknown.

Alness & Coulhill woods

Last ridden: 26.02.09- All trails are riding well.

Pink floyd: Dry.
Big dip: Dry.

Main street:  Muddy up the left.

River runs by it:  Dry.

The Dougie: Clear.

Off camber:  Slippy.

Electric: Riding sweet.

Wheels of fortune:  Clear and riding good.

Kyles trail:  Bridges are slippy.

Dalmore:  Open again but you need to carry up the steps to get on to the shore road.

Bubbling brook: Riding well new line has developed throught the rocks!
Fridge:  Riding exceptionally well.

Cone:  Riding good.
Evanton woods

Last ridden 22.02.09- All trails are dry & riding well.

Porters plunge:  Clear.

Burner:  Muddy but ok.

Harry potter: Clear and riding very nice.

4 ridges: Clear, riding super fast.

Impossible corner: Dry but tricky.

New impossible corner:  Next stop the river below, dry loamy dirt.

Rainforest:  Generally good, still muddy in places.

Fenceline:  Clear.

VietNam:  Super fast.

Inchindown, Kinrive & Ardross

Last ridden 26.02.09- All trails are riding well.

Inch: Dry.

Tanks:  All trails destroyed by logging work.

Landrover:  Dry but with trees down.

King rib: Dry.

Rocky Inch: Muddy in places.

Newmore wood:  Muddy.

Kinrive: Current condition unknown.

Stittenham woods:  Dry, riding good.

Cnoc Navie:  Dry.

Culcairn drop: Dry.

Achandunie loop:  Muddy.

Strathrory & Struie

Last ridden 26.02.09- All trails are clear and slightly damp.

StickyT (treacle):  Very wet.

Dark side of Sticky T : Clear.

Loch Sheila track:  Clear.

Struie ford:  Current condition unknown.

River run:  Current condition unknown

Milton, Scotsburn, & Tain Hill

Last ridden 13.02.09- All trails are clear but soft & muddy.

Ranch loch: Clear.

Ranch Ridge: Snow cover, some branches down.

Scotsburn house: Deep powder snow.

Lamington:  Mixed snow and mud.

Lamington link: Snow cover, very rutted due to forestry machine tracks.

Aldie burn: Deep snow cover.

Big dipper:  Deep snow cover.

Tain hill: Deep snow cover.

Secret squirrel: Deep snow cover.

Milton river:  Packed snow cover.

Balnagown Quarry:  Packed down snow.

K loch: Approach is snowy, loch snow cover varies.

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